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Healthcare Featured Service Professionals

Healthcare Featured Service Professionals

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Overview / Description of Services

Services for Users: The website is a gateway that enables individuals known as Care Seekers and Care Providers access to a portal to connect with one another for care services.

Registered Care Seekers are able to post to a job board services needed, or directly send a job offer /proposal to a Registered Care Provider that is listed on the site. The Care Provider has the option to Accept or Reject an offer.

Genx enables Care Providers and entities that provide care services to post their profiles with their qualifications. Care Providers can also apply to job listings posted by Care Seekers or businesses on the websites job board.

(i) Our portal website helps connect Registered Users (“Care Providers” and “Care Seekers”) by using the portal tools and features. (ii) We help users (individuals and entities who provide care services) connect with clients seeking care, by giving Registered User’s access to the portal to post their profile, along with their qualifications and experience. Care Providers are able to apply for positions that are posted to the job board by Registered Care Seekers as well as receive job proposals that are sent to them by Care Seekers.


Limitation of Services

GenX does not employ, endorse or recommend any Care Professionals on their sites. Care Professionals hired by a Care Seeker may become the employee of the Care seeker and therefore; need to comply with Local, State and Federal regulations regarding employment whether as an (“Employee” or “W-9 Independent Contractor”). The company does not monitor or regulate relationships between the parties known as (“Care Seeker” and “Care Provider”) nor do they perform background checks on its members.


User Responsibilities

GenX does NOT perform background checks on registered members, it is the sole responsibility of the (“Care Seeker or Care Provider”) to verify the credentials of each Care Provider or Care Seeker as they deem acceptable before hiring or engaging them. A (“Care Seeker or Care Provider”) has the responsibility of complying with local, state and federal laws. Any issues concerning the foregoing must be resolved directly between the Care Seeker and the individual Care Provider. GenX Assisted Healthcare is NOT an employer and will never recommend Care Providers to Care Seekers or Care Seekers to Care Providers. It is the responsibility of the two parties to do their own due diligence.


IMPORTANT: Any screening of a Care Seeker or Care Provider of his / her information is limited and should not be taken as complete, accurate, up-to-date or conclusive of the individual’s or entity’s to be deemed suitable as an employer or care provider. Care Seekers are solely responsible for interviewing, and performing verification checks on, confirming work authorization/I-9 of, verifying information provided by, and selecting a Care Provider for themselves or their family member’s. Each Care Seeker is also responsible for complying with all applicable tax, employment local, state and federal laws in connection with any employment relationship they potentially may establish with the Care Provider, including verifying the Care Provider’s age and eligibility to work in the United States.


Rules for User Conduct and Eligibility

To be eligible to use our Services, you must meet the following criteria and follow the guidelines of use:

  •  You are eighteen (18) years of age or older. If you do not meet this age requirement, do not register to use the Site or Services;
  •  You agree to use the site in its proper intended use.
  •  Care Providers must be permitted to legally work within the United States
  •  You will not use/post material deemed improper such as (explicit language, photos)
  •  You acknowledge the privacy of clients and registered users of this website.

By registering or using the Services of, you acknowledge that you have met the applicable eligibility requirements stated above and that you have met the conditions and terms and you will abide by all of these terms, as applicable. You understand by not abiding by the above you may be terminated from use of the website

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