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Healthcare Featured Service Professionals

Healthcare Featured Service Professionals

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About Us


GEN- X Assisted Healthcare is a website based platform to connect Care Seekers and Care Professionals for in-home or outbound daily living assistance. Care Professionals post profiles with their experience and credentials. Care Seekers post job opportunities on the job board, search professional profiles, and invite potential matches to their posted job. Care Seekers are able to find the help they need based on their financial budget, schedule, and personal needs. Our goal is to provide Care Professionals who can assist Care Seekers in their time of need.

Our platform offers Care Professionals the opportunity to be independent and flexible with their rates, schedule, and job duties. By connecting with a Care Seeker or Care Professional through the portal it provides both parties the opportunity to negotiate with ease. Care Professionals, Service providers, and Skilled Care Professionals are Independent Contractors. There may be rules in your state that govern these services and how they affect labor laws and tax laws. It is up to both parties to do your due diligence to follow these laws. Background checks are not done by GEN-X. Care Seekers and Care Professionals may request one prior to accepting or offering a position.

GEN-X seeks out certified skilled care professionals in the medical healthcare field and service care providers who can assist in a wide range of services such as: picking up prescriptions, grocery shopping, transportation, personal grooming services, and even dog walking. Maybe all one needs is temporary help while recovering from an incident. This could be the solution for you!


My Story


My personal experience of using a Care Professional has led me to understand the difficulties and struggles of caring for a loved one who is in need of daily assistance, all while maintaining a job and family. My name is Kathy and I entered the medical field in 1995 as a means to care for my children. I never imagined that it would have taken me where I am today. Over the years, I’ve heard countless stories from families going through difficult times while caring for their loved ones. I never truly understood the depths of their struggles until I had to face it firsthand.

When my father’s health began to rapidly decline I wasn’t prepared to care for him while living hundreds of miles away. His chronic health conditions were worsening and hospital admissions were becoming more frequent. Assisted living wasn’t financially feasible and he was adamant he would not go anyways. My father was still enjoying his life and made it clear to me that he wanted to go out on his terms. He was still getting out and socializing up and down Main Street, cruising on his Hot Red Scooter in his Panama Jack hat, armed with a cane. However, it was evident that it was getting more difficult for him to care for himself.

Our family agreed to do our best to give him his dignity while doing it his way. This would mean finding affordable help to care for him in his home. I never expected the challenge to be so difficult! Home healthcare agencies that offer private duty care professionals were too expensive and for other reasons just not for us. I turned to the internet and found a few websites that wanted upfront money and long term memberships for assistance. Everywhere I turned I was disappointed at what I was finding.

When I think of the internet I think of it as the yellow pages, helping consumers to find service providers, and providing service providers a platform on which to be found. I thought to myself: wouldn’t Care Professionals get more offers if Care Seekers didn’t have fees imposed on them to find help? In the end our family was fortunate to find Rosa and Maria. They treated our father with the compassion and dignity that we were looking for in a professional caregiver. Their professionalism will forever be appreciated.


Our Mission

Gen-X is committed to making the process easier for the next generation. Our purpose is to help every family going through this experience find the help they need, when they need it! Caregiver burnout is real and can adversely affect families, know the signs to look for and ask for help when you need it! That way everyone benefits and your loved ones last days can be spent in dignity. The statistics overwhelmingly say that aging family members or those in need of medical attention are often resistant to going into facilities away from family and friends. Therefore, more often the responsibility is falling back on families to care for aging loved ones. We hope families in need of assistance; will find it here through GEN-X.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience



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